Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Stinksgiving

Happy Stinksgiving

Yesterday, I went up to the local CVS to get some wine and ice cream. The cashier was one of those spiky haired Jersey Shore rejects with way to much hair gel, and reeking of some kind of cologne; probably Axe body spray. On the way home, I couldn't get the smell out of my nose. Even when I got home, I still continued to smell the funk. It was like a combination of peanut butter and english leather. It was then when I discovered why I was still smelling it, and where it was coming from.

The smell was on my hands, the CVS plastic bag, and also on the stuff inside. Apparently the cashier transfered the funk of his metrosexual grooming practices to everything he touched, and everything I touched. I had to wash everything when I got home. Even the change he gave me was a little stinky. How could someone be so oblivious to their own oder.

Maybe, these people think that the smell, though overwhelming, is a good smell, or maybe their sense of smell has been deaden by the years of grooming product use. Who knows what kind of toxic chemicals are being used in some of these products. Personally I would rather people go around without deodorant and makeup. It might be a little stinky, but at least in would be non-toxic and harmless, for the most part :)

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